Men's Pump Tube
This is our men's full package pump tube. Everything gets big with this tube. It also has the comfortable BL Cup seal and has plenty of room to expand. My sweetheart enjoys them BIG!
Dimensions :
        Seal : Inner Diameter : 3  3/4 "
                 Outer Diameter : 5 "
        Depth : 8 "
Price :Was $60.00 now $50.00 shipping included

Price : Was $70.00 now $60.00 overseas shipping included

Our Men's tube now comes with quick disconnect fittings.
Price:Was $70.00 now $60.00 shipping included

Price: Was $80.00 now $70.00 overseas shipping included

To our left is our Men's Pumping System.It comes complete with everything to get started. The Men's Tube, an all metal pistol grip pump with pressure gage and 3 ft. of tubing. You just supply something to pump!!!
Price : $105.00 shipping included 

Price : $120.00 overseas shipping included

Our Men's pumping systems come with our quick disconncts also.
Price: $115.00 shipping included

Price: $130.00 overseas shipping included



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